What Readers and Media Are Saying about
"Healing Oils of the Bible"

“Dr. Stewart presents a clear Biblical answer to the many questions I had about the spices and ointments of the Bible. His clear examination of practical personal applications of these healing oils has become a virtual revelation to me. This rare information has been hidden long enough. Through Dr. Stewart’s brilliant research, even non-technical people can find life-changing guidance to the healing provisions God has intended for us. As health issues become more complex and challenging in our time, every family will welcome the wisdom provided in this valuable resource."

Dennis Peterson, Author, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
Founder, Creation Resource Foundation, Eldorado, California

“Most enjoyable. Easy to read. Very Objective. Presents modern-day applications of essential oils as well as their use in scriptural times. A good book for ministers to gain a perspective on anointing with oils. I was amazed at the comprehensive research Dr. Stewart has done. Very thorough. So much wonderful material."

Rev. Don Bleyle
Retired United Methodist Pastor, Lakewood, Colorado

“This is the best book I have ever read in my life. I just couldn’t put it down and I keep going back. “

Kelly Fowler
Homemaker and Mother of Two, Flagstaff, Arizona

“We recently had Dr. Stewart in the studio for one hour discussing the Healing Oils of the Bible. It was utterly fascinating.”

Tim Berends
Christian Talk Show Host, KJSL Radio, St. Louis, Missouri

“I have discovered a great treasure chest! I have been a Christian all my life and am discovering things about my faith I never knew before. This book has really opened things up for me. What an exciting book!”

Sherry Reese
Tallahassee, Florida

“I love the way you have formatted the book so that you can pick any chapter and it reads as a stand-alone work. And as for the Bible Program at the end, i am really touch ed your generosity and graciousness. This is a ministry I want to do. I just want to bless you and thank you for such a beautiful gift."

Kay Kansler
Ashville, North Carolina

“Dr. Stewart has done his homework. his delivery of hundreds of Bible references to essential oils combined with their uses is clear, concise, enjoyable, and fun. He has a rare gift for integrating synthesizing and applying vast amounts of information. A must read for anyone interested in the Biblical bases of healing with oils."

Marilee Tolen, RN
Atco, New Jersey

“I am in awe of your foresight and intelligence, as well as the amount of information you have compiled. Your unique style of writing has made this book very user-friendly! Being a Lutheran, I am happy to report that several Lutheran ministers I know have attended your classes on Healing Oils of the Bible and have spoken of them as being very beneficial.”

Arlene Loman
Seminar Attendee, Perryville, Missouri

“David’s book culminates in an easy to use, extremely well researched program that offers members of a congregation (and/or individuals who gather in their own homes) the knowledge that Jesus and his disciples practiced when they ministered to people with therapeutically active essential oils.”

Rev. Jennifer Tilston
Brevard, North Carolina